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Mancheeze :

Jalon Cain aka Aaron Sleazy actually wrote this:

The feminist fantasy of “enthusiastic consent” is bullshit. What you experience in real life is that interested women will give off “maybe” signals. They may play with their hair and smile from ear to ear while tempting you with seductive glances but, at the end of the date, the burden to approach is typically on you.

Feminists aren’t living in fantasy. We live in the real world where enthusiastic consent is the dividing line between consensual sex and rape. Playing with your hair doesn’t mean ‘yes’. Why is it a burden for men to approach? Well it’s a scary thing thinking about how an MRA would approach because they’re such rape apologists it’s not funny. The great thing about feminism is it allows women to approach.

My Response :

Why is it a burden for men to approach? I got the same question for women, why is it such a burden for a women to approach men they like? Or even express their consents DIRECTLY?

I don’t think you even read that quote properly. Playing with hair is a “maybe” signal. It was never mentioned in that quote that is a yes.

For my whole life, no women ever express their consent to me DIRECTLY, it’s always those “maybe” signals. Every kind of women I’ve met, be it the shy one, party animal one, or religious one.

Aaron was right on the spot here. And IT IS OUR duty to approach, to make the first move, and I’ve accepted that as a FACT.

Mancheeze :

Jalon’s article seems to be chiding PUA’s but in reality he’s angry at women. He mentions the term LMR, which stands for ‘last minute resistance’ which PUA’s coined. The definition of this term is equally rapey.

‘LMR is a biological response that causes a woman to freeze up before having sex. Mystery claims that this response is universal, and that it evolved because of the evolutionary high stakes of having sex with a man, and because of the threat of potentially becoming pregnant and vulnerable.’

I can’t believe the lengths men will go to just to have sex rape. They literally write books on this crap, inventing all these silly acronyms to tell other men how to coerce women.

Jalon is angry at PUA’s and LMR but has his own theories as to how PUA works.

‘Here is the problem: there are girls who might be interested in you but who are not willing to sleep with you — yet.’

Where PUA’s encourage constant coercion Jalon is saying just wait it out and she might say yes! Gee Jalon, that advice is soooo much better.

My Response :

Just like he said in your quote… “might”. That is 50/50 chance.

Some girls like it slowly, some like it right there right then.

But some girls don’t want a particular man.

But he NEVER suggest to force it upon the girls.

Mancheeze :

He also rants about women who aren’t good in bed and end up turning the poor dude off.

‘What would you think if such an incompetent girl used force to “overcome your LMR,” ripped on your foreskin as she’s whacking you, followed by an excruciating knob gobble then climbed on top of  you to lay a dead fish in your mouth as she’s kissing you?’

When guys say vaginas are dead fish you have to wonder whether they’ve actually been close to a vagina. The graphic terms Jalon is using makes him a hostile misogynist. You wanna know where he’s going with this graphic tale?

‘This would be an utterly horrible experience, wouldn’t it? Many feminists claim that only men can rape but, if this happened to you, you could legitimately say that you’ve been raped and violated in multiple ways, and that this experience has traumatized you.’

You see ladies, if you are with a guy and he doesn’t LIKE your sexual STYLE then you’ve traumatized the poor guy and get this: YOU RAPED HIM! OMAGERD!11 If the guy doesn’t feel like the blowjob was ‘competent’ enough then you’ve given him PTSD and raped him all at once. He might’ve been trying to say that this is a consent issue but he used the word imcompetent and slurs about lady bits so I think he’s just talking about a woman who takes the lead in bed that he views as crazy.

My Response :

WHAT? Are you high ma’am? Did you smoke anything other than joints and cigarrettes? Snorted anything lately?

There’re tons of men that have become victims of rape and domestic violence, and done by females.

Oh right, those are just men who don’t like the offender’s “sexual style”.

Basically you supported this quote “Many feminists claim that only men can rape”.

Now, THAT is NOT funny at all, ma’am.

Really, I wonder what you’re smoking… must’ve been a good stuff there.

I suppose you’re bashing him basically and pointed out this quote just because you don’t like him referring the vagina as “dead fish”. There are some women who don’t really take care of their hygienes out there.

But if you read carefully, he’s against this “LMR” concept. That quote is to encourage us to visualize what would it become when that happened to us, some girl forcing them to us.

In short what would it be if LMR done towards us with a woman we don’t like. And yes, it’s a RAPE. Whether it’s done by men or women.


Instead of recognizing LMR for what it is (rapey coercion talk) Jalon’s more interested in saying it’s WOMEN who are to blame, that women who resist are problematic. For all Jalon’s talk about how wrong PUA’s are he still doesn’t quite understand the concept of consent, which he already said was ‘bullshit.’

‘Normal people are able to read facial expressions and can use that skill to keep things hot and heavy, correcting when they accidentally inflict pain. Under continued rejection it would be normal to assume that the girl has a good reason for not wanting to follow through and sleep with the guy.’

This is starting to sound like BDSM for which I think Jalon has an inclination. Continued rejection is rape after the first rejection. I don’t understand why guys have such a hard time understanding consent. It’s such a simple concept and yes, feminists have made it so simple that you don’t need a guidebook to figure it out. No means NO. Incapacitated in any way means NO. Only YES means YES and you need to actually verbally communicate it.

My Response

The majority of women out there are very indirect. Most of them don’t even have the courtesy to say NO verbally and directly.

And yes, believe it or not, modern men are so uneducated and very insensitive about body language and subliminal signals. And when we miss that window of opportunity, it’s a forever NO.

Also, sometimes a woman “no” is just a mere test. At least the earlier ones. And that’s part of women’s fault, “testing” us. It’s become women’s habit to test us. It’s your nature.

Thus, I agree that this is needed to be pointed out.


Jalon gives us a little personal anecdote about what seems to be BDSM:

‘I once had a girlfriend whose gynaecologist tried to get her to press charges against me when she had a few love bites on several parts on her body. All it takes is a weak-minded girl who agrees with her doctor that her boyfriend “is a brute and needs to be taught a lesson,” or a vindictive girl who is pissed off because you didn’t call her back.’

Sounds to me like things got rough and Jalon inflicted some kind of injury on his girlfriend in his attempt with BDSM because later he talks about it again, this time with another woman:

‘One fine, early morning I found myself in the apartment of a girl I had met only a couple of hours previouly, and we were going at it. All of a sudden she bit me hard and then, like a maniac, scratched me hard enough to draw blood. I thought this was quite hot, but it didn’t take long until she demanded that I hit her. Thankfully I was alert enough to get the hell out of there.’

Hmmm. That’s very strange. Sounds like you like to get rough Jalon and may have hurt your ex only to find another woman who you could be rough with but SHE took the initiative and this wasn’t part of your plan because you learned earlier that you can’t just be rough without CONSENT. People are entitled to have sexual preference but these two stories sound a bit odd to me. I’m not going to give you the benefit of the doubt Jalon since you’re a misogynist and a rape apologist and since you ended your fantastical rambling like this:

‘If you’ve stumbled upon the very small minority of women who indeed want to “test your manliness” you’re better off leaving them alone.

There is enough trouble in the world without adding psycho girlfriends to the list.’

I think it’s safe to say that you should stay away from women. LMR is bullshit Jalon, not consent.

My Response

Jalon is one of the guy who are STRONGLY agaisnt this “LMR” concept.

You should go and read his books. The free ones in particular. “Debunking the Seduction Community” and “Johnny’s Journey”. What he propose there are quite simple : there are women who like a particular man, then there are women who don’t.

This is what Aaron/Jalon propose to us men :

  1. Picking up your environment
  2. Focusing on RECEPTIVE girls
  3. Not fucking it up

I don’t see any point indicating rape or “forcing a sexual style to women” in his preach.

Aaron is by far quite neutral person regarding this kind of issue.

He strongly disagree with some PUA’s so called, questionable “method”. But I don’t think he hate women for what they are.


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      Silakan ke

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