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Lesbian Opener

Ini archive salah satu post kebanggaan saya di mASF yang saya sebut disini

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Subject: Are you lesbian?
Date: March 21st, 2010 06:37:21 PM (EDT)
Author: exorio
Email/Info: <mASF profile>
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A very great opener. Sexual, direct, playful and if you’re lucky she’ll immediatly attempt to qualify herself to you.

Tested on some sets, mostly two set. But all female sets, no mixed set.

They Immediatly gives you the WTF face.

Mini FR on the latest test :

HB8 and HB9

I pat HB9 shoulder and ask her

Me : “Hey are you a lesbian”

HB9 : “What? Can you repeat that”

Her face is kind of pissed off. She’s def. not pleased.

Me : “I said, are you two lesbians?”

HB9 : “What makes you say that?”

At this moment I was already expecting a slap in my face literally. She didn’t really please with it.

Of course, nevertheless a slap in my face would make me less care about what people around me think. So I just keep going with it

Me : “Well, I saw you both standing at the dancefloor side befor… just you and her, and you guys seems pretty excited watching the erotic dancers. So… of course any normal people would conclude you’re a lesbian. I think you’re kinda cute and I want to come to you, but I thought you’re a lesbian so I hold myself back”

HB9 : “Noooo, of course I’m not”

She becomes very animated and playful

Then we exchange names, etc yadda yadda, the usual stuffs. I ask her to introduce me to her friend.

I offered her my hands and we exchange names.

I lift her hands up and she immideatly do the spin.

I went back to HB9, dance around grabbing her waist and pull her closer to me.

I’ve lost the set afterwards tho.

The previous tests got me all night long dancing partner and number close.

No major FR tonite tho, the place is kind of empty and yeah there’re some sets, but I took too long on them and this one is the only set I manage to salvage.

It is great. I’ve totally vanquish my approach anxiety. I don’t feel anything when I pat her shoulder and seeing the good response out from somewhat very direct opener boosted my confidence 200%. So expect much more aggressive FRs from me in near future.

enjoy guys

Dan ini komentar ijjjji, salah satu senior mASF yang artikelnya udah dipajang di Bristol Lair

Komentar dari ijjjji waktu itu bener-bener memotivasi saya banget. So… thanks ijjjji!!!


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